Web Hosting Programs

Free and Fee Based
For Church, Ministry, Home, and Small Business

Please before ordering a for fee site.
  1. One page site on nazarene.ch - If you don't need a complete site, but would like to have a place on Nazarene.Ch to post basic information about your church, such as location, schedule, directions, etc., you can create and maintain your own page using our template.
    Cost: free
  2. Web Interface - You can have a complete church web site with your own directory that you maintain through a web interface.
    Cost: free
  3. FTP access to nazarene.ch - You can have a complete church web site in your own directory with ftp access to upload/download your files.
    Cost: free.
Nazarene.Ch is an independent, no-income ministry run solely by volunteers. There are no paid staff members, nor are the members reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses. Nazarene.Ch receives no financial support from the Nazarene denomination. We do not charge for any of our services, nor do we take donations. This ministry is financially supported wholly by God's grace.


This page is for use by Nazarene churches to
create and manage a free one page church home page.

Create / Update your Free church page here
This free template allows for only 1 page.
For a more involved web site please choose one of the options above.

If you don't have a page for your church and would like to create one click on "New Page."
If you have a church page and need to update it click on "Edit Page."
If you wish to delete your church page click on "Delete Page."

Click here to see a sample site (not a real church),

Original perl script ezhomepg.pl found at manny juan's script page.
Current version written by Glen Lee Edwards.